Stand with our brothers and sisters in El Paso (and 100,000 fellow Texans) in the fight for smarter gun policies.       

Add your voice to the call on Senator John Cornyn to advance legislation before it is too late!

[In photo, Fr. Matta checks in on small group conversations during the EPISO/Border Interfaith assembly.  Photo Credit:Briana Sanchez, El Paso Times]

Senator John Cornyn:

As residents, voters, and faith leaders we call on you as a Senior Senator representing Texas to ensure that the Senate votes on legislation that addresses the repeated gun violence plaguing our communities. HR8 and HR112 have already passed in the house. We ask you to bring these bills to the Senate for a vote, including the ones below once they pass the house:

  • Enhance background checks (HR 1112 & HR 8);
  • Restrict high-capacity magazines (HR 1186);
  • Pass a federal “red flag” law to prevent those deemed a risk to themselves or others from accessing firearms (HR 1236).

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