Teaching the Art of Democracy

Dallas Area Interfaith (DAI) is about people: developing their innate skills and ability to work with each other to identify common problems, to find or create workable solutions, and to work together to implement systemic changes within society to achieve the common good. As one of our leaders is so fond of saying: “The work is us.”

Founded in 1992, Dallas Area Interfaith (DAI) is a non-partisan, multi-ethnic, multi-issue group of religious congregations, schools and other non-profits in the Dallas metropolitan area with aggregate membership totaling in excess of 90,000. 

Dallas Area Interfaith does its work by:

  • Conducting thousands of individual and small group meetings with clergy and lay leaders.
  • Training congregational representatives in how to understand and affect local and regional political processes
  • Developing a large leadership core from those representatives.
  • Identifying issues of concern to all sectors of the community.
  • Strengthening relationships within and between member congregations.
  • Forging alliances across the lines of religion and ethnicity to develop a broad-based vision for the Dallas area.
  • Moving that vision into a multi-issue agenda of action for the organization.